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    4th of July Decorating Party
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    4th Of July Celebration
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4th of July Parade - Pleasant Hill

Bring the whole family and join our CPC community for some patriotic festivities in this year's downtown Pleasant Hill 4th of July Parade. The theme is "Red, White, and Bloom."

Below is the important information for parade day...

POINT-OF-CONTACT: Ms. Danielle will be the Creative Play point person for this event and will take care of the official check-in for our group. Please find her in the assembly area. Our participants traditionally wear red Creative Play T-shits - available for sale at the decorating party on Monday - so keep an eye out for a group in red. Our group will also display a banner, so look for that. 

LINE-UP:  We are entry #25. Our check-in time is 8:20-8:40. We will begin marching at 9:40. Regardless of entry number, everyone must be in place by 9:15. 

PARADE ROUTEThe parade route has changed this yearThe parade will now begin at the intersection of Woodsworth and Gregory Lane and will start out heading south on Cleaveland, then turning left onto Trelany, then turning right onto Gregory Lane, then turning right into Contra Costa Blvd. and  then proceed down the usual route down Crescent.  The new route is also on the PH website.  Here is the link:  http://phjuly4.com/parade-route/  Please review the new route prior to parade day.

ASSEMBLY AREA: The staging area will still be on Woodsworth, but due to the change in the parade route, the staging area will be in reverse order from past years (i.e., the #1 spot will be at the corner of Woodsworth and Gregory, as opposed to Woodsworth and Contra Costa Blvd.).   As in year’s past, a spot will be marked off on Woodsworth for our group the day of the parade.

CHECK IN: Danielle will handle the official check in for our group. Please join us directly at our place in line and be sure to arrive on time. Volunteers in orange vests are available to assist you in finding your correct place in line if you have trouble finding our members. 

The check-in area will be in a new location this year.  The check-in area will be at the intersection of Woodsworth and Contra Costa Blvd.  (due to the change in the parade route).  In order to access the check-in and staging area, you will need to proceed southbound on Contra Costa Blvd and then turn right onto Woodsworth.  You can also access your designated spot in the staging area on Woodsworth here.



  • Please do what you can to keep your unit an equal distance from the ones in front and behind you, so there are no large gaps nor bunch-up’s in the flow.
  • There are three announcer stands where your script will be read.
  • If you are doing a routine, please keep it in a forward motion so the units behind you are not forced to stop.
  • Do Not Throw Candy or other items directly into the crowd. We do not want anyone injured nor do we want children running out to get the candy afterwards and wind up in the path of the next vehicle. We encourage you to have someone walk alongside to distribute such items.
  • Please remember we cannot allow political campaigning of any type in our July 4th events.
OTHER:  Please be prepared to be in the assembly area for at least one hour. This is a big event with lots of people, and it takes that long to get everyone checked in and in position, and advance to the step-off point. Bring hats, sunscreen and water to keep comfortable. 

Again, thank you for joining us. Celebrate the Day!



Here is the letter from the city of Pleasant Hill with further details...

THANK YOU for joining us this year. We look forward to a very exciting day. The following information is important so please share it with everyone in your group to minimize confusion and delays.

For your reference you might want to print this letter and bring it with you to the parade.

LINE-UP: Then parade Line-Up was previously emailed to everyone. If you do not have your number, please call Connor Day (415-640-6472) or you can email Connor at cday@bpbsllp.com.

DIVISIONS: The parade is divided into four divisions, with specific times to check-in for each division (in order to minimize any congestion). Please locate the division your entry is in and the corresponding check-in time for your group.

Division No. Entry Nos. Check-In Time Start Time

1 1 – 14 8:00 – 8:20 a.m. 9:30 a.m.

2 15 – 29 8:20 – 8:40 a.m. 9:40 a.m.

3 30 – 44 8:40 – 9:00 a.m. 9:50 a.m.

4 45 – 56 9:00 – 9:15 a.m. 10:00 a.m.

Please note that regardless of which Division you are in, everyone must be in place and ready to go by no later than 9:15.

ASSEMBLY AREA: The curved street extending from the corner of Cleaveland Road and Gregory Lane, to the intersection of Woodsworth Lane and Contra Costa Blvd. (As shown on the Parade Route on the web site.)

Street closures will begin very early in the morning and there will be no access to the ASSEMBLY AREA from Gregory Lane. You must approach the assembly area going SOUTHBOUND on Contra Costa Blvd. and making a right turn at Woodsworth Lane.

CHECK IN: Please arrive on time or a little early for check-in as you must check in to be in the parade. The check-in station is at the corner of Contra Costa Blvd. and Woodsworth Lane. There you will be given your number placard which must be placed at the front of your entry (front vehicle or person), so our volunteers and the announcers will know who you are and read the appropriate scripts. Volunteers in orange vests will assist you in locating your correct place in line. You will need to check-in during your designated check-in time. Please refer to the above chart (under “DIVISIONS”) which lists the check-in times for each Division and group.

Only one person in each entry unit needs to check in. Please decide previously who that person will be and have all others go directly to your place in line.