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Co-op Commitment

Below are five areas of member responsibilities.  Fulfillment of these responsibilities is required to be a member in good standing.

3-4 times per month, minimum.  On scheduled days co-opers are required to arrive at school 15 minutes before the start of class to prepare and discuss the days activities with the teacher and then stay 20 minutes after class to participate in “talk over” with the teacher.

1. Co-oping

30 hours per school year, minimum.  Committees  keep  the  school  running,  aid  teachers,  and  carry  out  projects  determined  by  the  Board.   One parent from each family is appointed to a committee. Examples include: Gardening, Housekeeping & Maintenance, Spring Auction and Animals. 

2. Committee Assignments

Approximately 6 per year.  A General Membership meeting is typically held on the second Tuesday of the month.  One or both parents must attend.  Since these are the only meetings at which business concerning the school can be discussed by the entire membership, attendance is important and required.

3. Membership Meetings

8 hours per school year, minimum.  Each member is required to fulfill 8 hours of Housekeeping and Maintenance at scheduled work days at the school, typically held on a weekend. 

4. Housekeeping & Maintenance

4 hours per school year, minimum.  There is a 4 hour commitment by each member family in the form of direct participation in the December Winter Wonderland event or the Spring Auction. Each family will also be required to buy an entrance ticket to the Winter Wonderland event.

5. Fundraising Support

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