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Our Amazing Teachers


Ms. Danielle

Ms.Danielle began her Child Development career teaching a Kindergarten program throughout various elementary schools within the Martinez Unified School District (2001-­2003). In 2003, she began teaching at a licensed private preschool in Pleasant Hill in which she stayed at until a teaching position opened up at Creative Play in 2014. She had been co-oping at CPC for the 2 years prior and was very excited to have the opportunity to teach at the school that she had chose for her son (pictured). 


Ms.Danielle fell in love with CPC's community, emphasis on parent education and family involvement and knew she had found where she was meant to be-­ not only as a 3 year co-­oper, 2 year board member (“DAC” Diablo Area Council President) and substitute teacher there, but as a staff member.


Ms.Danielle is a member of CAEYC (California Association for the Education of Young Children), has continuous participation in Professional Development sponsored by the Contra Costa County Office of Education, Diablo Valley College Early Childhood Education Department, CCC Local Planning Council for Child Care and Development and CCC Children & Family Services. She holds a Child Development Teacher Permit issued by the State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and is Director Certified per CA licensing requirements (Private Programs/Title 22, Community Care Licensing). Ms. Danielle has her A.S. in Child Development, and B.A. in Human Development with emphasis in ECE.


Ms. Dani

Ms. Dani began working with children after graduating high school in 2005. She started attending Los Medanos College the same year, where she studied Early Childhood Education. Since then she's worked with preschools, licensed childcare facilities, after school & foster youth programs, & private families as a nanny.


When it came time for Dani's daughter to attend preschool in 2019, she sought out a quality school that understood the importance of play. Dani loved the philosophy and strong sense of community at CPC, and remained involved with the school after her own daughter went off to Kindergarten. She is now a Teacher's Aide in Ms. Chrissy's T/Th class & assists with the various drop-off events with Ms. Danielle. 


Ms. Cory

Ms. Cory has been working with preschool children for eight years. Her love for working with children was discovered when her son started attending Creative Play Center in 2010. She began her career at CPC as a co-oper, then as a substitute. Later she taught as a summer school teacher and then spent a year alongside a teacher as an aide.

Ms. Cory is now the JK teacher and co-director of Creative Play Center. Her love for the school, its parent involvement, and its play-based curriculum is her drive to create a supportive environment and build a healthy foundation for learning.

She received her A.S. from Diablo Valley College and later obtained her B.S. from San Francisco State University.

ms chrissy.jpeg

Ms. Chrissy

Ms. Chrissy is a caregiver by nature and has always known her place is with young children.  She started taking ECE classes and working in preschools at age 17.  After about 5 years in the field, she felt like preschool was not enough. She began studying psychology and started working with students with special needs and foster children.  After becoming a parent, Ms.Chrissy started teaching musical play classes, where she found a love for working with parents.  Ms.Chrissy now has four amazing children of her own. 

Ms Chrissy first came to CPC with her oldest son, Zachary in 2009.  While touring the school, she instantly fell in love with the environment and the energy she felt as soon as she entered the building. She loves the play based philosophy and great community Creative Play Center offers. All of her children have attended CPC. Before Ms.Chrissy’s third child started CPC in 2012 she began running the play group CPC was offering once a month. Ms.Chrissy decided there could be more and started the Tot Time class which she is still teaching. Ms.Chrissy found that Creative Play Center is the perfect environment to mix her love of early childhood and working with parents. She is very excited to take on teaching the T/Th am class in addition to Tot Time.  


Ms. Chrissy has her AA with an emphasis in psychology and early childhood education.  

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