CPC Parking Guidelines

The following Co-oping parents are allowed to park in the parking lot if they are in one of the following groups:

  • Snack Parent for the TTH AM, MWF AM & PM

  • JK AM co-opers and the Pre-K PM. Please park in the two far spaces (on the left as you face the school) and double up so that there are two cars in each space.

All other co-oping parents are asked to park on the street. If you park bumper to bumper (we all come and go about the same time) we can all squeeze in. Co-oping parents are reminded that you may drop off your child and carpool kids with the teacher before parking on the street. Safety is of paramount importance.

  • Do not park (Even for a quick minute) in the driveway of the Apartment Complex to the right of the school. This is not a city street. It is a private driveway. The Apartment Complex tenants will have your car towed!

  • Do not park in the posted “No Parking” zones.

  • If you park in our CPC lot, you park at your own risk. CPC is not liable for damages sustained in our lot. Please be conscientious when you (or your child) open the car doors.

The teachers will ask you to move your car if it is left in the lot and you do not belong to either of the above groups.