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Why we love CPC...

"I am so thankful we found CPC! After the first visit to Tot Time our kids were in love. CPC is welcoming and so much fun! 

Being part of a co-op is perfect for our family. We get to participate and become members of a big community. At CPC the kids learn in a play based environment with teachers who have years of knowledge and experience. As a parent I’ve learned so much watching the teachers daily and at the parent education nights CPC hosts. We really feel like part of a family and are so thankful for such a wonderful preschool!"

-Rachel Deikman (9/2019)

"We feel so fortunate to have found Creative Play Center and the community of families and teachers. Both of our kids (ages 2 & 4) attend CPC. When we were searching for a preschool for our (then) 3-year-old autistic kiddo, we weren’t sure which school would be the right fit. The play-based learning has been a great fit for both of our kids. We’ve seen amazing growth and have had a wonderful support system from the other parents. Since becoming a part of CPC, we’ve gone to birthday parties and on camping trips with CPC families. We’ve also participated as both a co-op and opt-out family. The opt-out option makes a co-op school possible for working parents or families that have schedules that don’t make co-oping every week possible. You still get to participate in all of the activities and get to be on a committee. We’re looking forward to spending the next few years at CPC with our youngest."

- Allison Munoz (9/2019)

"I attended CPC in the 80's and knew I wanted to enroll my children. My son just started in September and he absolutely LOVES it! I'm so excited for him to experience this amazing journey."

-Michelle, Concord (11/2017)

"Creative Play center CPC is an amazing preschool to start my daughter's school life.I am so glad I chose CPC as it allows me to co-op and be more involved in school and be part of her educational journey!"

-Divya, Pleasant Hill (11/2017)

"This place is more than just a school. It is community, it is lifelong memories, it is close friends, it is magic. I can think of no greater gift than being able to watch my boys learn and grow in this free, engaging, and supportive learning environment. As an educator and parent, I am a firm believer in Creative Play's play-based curriculum and am so thankful to be part of the educational team as a co-oping parent and member of the board. This place has truly been a blessing for our entire family!"

-Kate, Pleasant Hill (9/2017)

"I can't recommend CPC enough.  This is my family's 3rd year and am deeply grateful for the wonderful environment, opportunity to share in my kids' early education and, of course, the amazing teachers.  I originally decided on a co-op preschool thinking it was in my 'child's' best interest.  In reality, I have gained as much or more from the support and friendship with other co-op parents.  I keep in touch with many of the parents/families I met in our very first year.  They have become my 'village'.  Thank you, thank you, CPC!"

-Heidi, Pleasant Hill (9/2017)

"We love CPC!!  This is our 3rd year at the school and we have enjoyed every minute!  Both my children and myself have learned so much and the teachers help set us up for parenting success.  I highly recommend CPC to anyone looking for an interactive preschool in the Pleasant Hill/Martinez/Walnut Creek area."

-Maggie, Walnut Creek (9/2017)

"No words can express the gratitude and happiness my husband and I feel about CPC. Our daughter Sofia who is 4, was EXTREMELY shy, didn't participate in much, always wanted to be with me or my husband, etc. we were concerned for many reasons that school was going to be tough. So we thought a co-op would be the way to go. Having one of us there would maybe help Sofia open up more. Well story short it wasn't even us being there once a week with her it was this amazing school and the teachers and other parents who have helped our girl do a 180. Sofia has her days still but she plays with others, talks constantly, participates in circle time etc. she has grown so much and we couldn't be more proud and it's ALL BECAUSE OF CPC!!!  No questions asked bringing your kids to CPC is the best decision you will make!! And I can promise that!!!"

-Vanessa, Santa Rosa (5/2017)

"I can't say enough about CPC...what a wonderful place to let your little one spend some important years!  I'm glad I did more research with my second daughter and found this gem.  The wonderful thing about CPC is that everyone there really wants to be there and create a positive environment for the kids to play, explore, and grow.  CPC is a play-focused school, so you won't find too much time spent sitting with lessons (my older daughter had more of this at her other preschool, back in 2011/12), and early childhood researchers are learning more about the importance of free play for children's development.  
The strong community of the school really enriches the experience for both child and parent.  My daughter benefits from closer friendships because I am also friends with the other parents and we coordinate activities outside of school as well.
One of the things I will miss about CPC is the outstanding parent ed.  I have most definitely become a better parent having been a part of the school.  We have outstanding speakers come in for presentations and I have discovered some parenting experts that I really value and continue to read and follow.  Also, being in an environment with so many wonderful parenting and coaching examples really fosters that approach.  I can't remember the last time I have yelled at my kids, we've become so accustomed to talking things out and explaining, which is so much more productive!
Overall, CPC is a fun, nurturing place for your little to spend these important years and I am so grateful my daughter got to be a part of it!"

-Maria, Martinez (5/2017)

"I am so grateful that my daughter is able to spend her first year of school at Creative Play Center! She loves going to school! I notice her gaining more self-confidence every day, and I am so proud of her! All of the teachers are amazing! As a co-oper, I get to be so closely involved with her school experience which is so rewarding and unique! I highly recommend this school to everyone!"

-Gwen, San Francisco (11/2016)

"I love love love everything about Creative Play Center, from the awesome, devoted staff to the great outdoor play area!!! I especially love the fact that it is a co-op because it gives the kids and the parents, (and grandparents like me) the opportunity to get to know each other in a very harmonious, collaborative and fun learning environment. My oldest Granddaughter attended last year and now her younger sister attends, and they have both flourished because of the committed staff and co-oping parents! It truly is a great place for kids!"

-Deborah, Napa (6/2016)

"We just love Creative Play. Our oldest is finishing her first year and we have truly found a community here. Because it's a co-op, you have to put in a good amount of time, but you get so much out! The families in each class become quite close and are very supportive of one another.
The school facility itself is amazing- a great environment for learning through play. The outside area, with animals, a garden and a huge sand pit to dig in, is what put us over the top. Any kid would love to play out there. If you're curious, there are open houses a few times a year and "tot time" on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, which is meant for younger toddlers to explore the school and play, with a parent there. It's a great way to introduce your young child to the school and acquaint yourself with other likeminded families and the school's philosophies."

-Marni, Lafayette (5/2016)

"This is not just a typical preschool. It will become like a second family. We attended CPC last year for the first time with our oldest and now our second year with our youngest. The school is really a special place. It allows the kids to have fun and freedom while learning. All the family's are invested in the school because it is a co-op. You get to know the families In your class very well. They become life long friendships not only for the children but the parents as well. I highly recommend CPC."

-Jackie, Pleasant Hill (5/2016)

"We love Creative Play Center and participating in a co-op! The facility and teachers are fantastic."

-Kelly, Berkeley (5/2016)

"CPC has been a life changer! Life was good before, but when presented with the choice of where to send my son for his first Early Childhood Education experience, I knew this was a VERY important decision to make. I had never been a part of a co-op before and I quickly learned that you pay with your hard work and time here, rather than your money....Which is the way I like it! Actually being in the profession myself, I knew the key aspects to look for in the school environment and teacher training. I was more than pleased to see what CPC had to offer-free parent education nights, school camp-outs, a BEAUTIFUL back yard with an edible garden that changes every season, organized parent night outs, educated and personable staff, a welcoming membership, amazing supplies for the children to use, VERY affordable, healthy and varied snack, clean...I could go on and on! I was so sad to move on to Kindergarten from the family we formed there but we were able to spend 3 amazing years at Creative Play and still keep in touch with our CPC family now. The school gave me the networking skills needed in today's school environment and one can always count on fellow CPCers to be those on the governing boards and lead volunteers throughout the rest of your child's educational years. My son is at the top of his class in elementary school and I know CPC was a huge part of that. Thank you, CPC!"

-Sadbrid, Pleasant Hill (5/2016)

"We were newcomers to this school last year and we were welcome with open arms. We have now been at cpc for a year and couldn't be happier with where our kids go to school. The parents that are drawn to such a school are parents so want to be a part of their children's education. Parents who would give their time and attention to their children and their school. Each class is truly a family and in an emergency I know that I have 20+ families that would care for my child if I needed them to. We are surrounded by an amazing community of families that truly amazing. While cpc relies heavily on parent participation, and it takes a lot of extra effort, the reward is well worth it."

-Lauren, Antioch (1/2016)

"We have been here almost one year and as a former elementary school teacher, I must say this place is AWESOME. It is very well-run, organized, friendly and positive. The whole family is part of the school, not just the child. There is an indoor play structure (Stegel), outdoor play structure, various animals (chickens, bunnies, fish, etc), a garden that the kids can pick produce from, creative activities... I just can't say enough great things about this place. It was referred by a friend who went to another parent participatory school then switched after seeing CPC and how it is run!"

-Kat, Concord (2/2014)

"It's really nice to hear that this program is still going strong. 
My kids were at CPC many years ago.  My oldest (a summer birthday boy who stayed an additional year for the developmental kindergarten program) is graduating this spring from UCB's engineering program.  The CPC teachers were right to suggest he have an extra year to mature socially, and I have never regretted that decision. 
The school was a great fit for my family.  The co-op atmosphere brings the families together into a close community of mutual support.  I loved running into the other families over the years, as we watched all the kids grow up! 
I know the teachers have changed, but I'm happy to hear that CPC's tradition of excellence lives on.  Best wishes to you and your little ones!"

-Rachael, Martinez (12/2013)

"We are beginning our 5th year there and I can't say enough good things about it. Sharing the excitement of preschool with our kids has been priceless. The co-oping community is invested in each child in a way that drop off preschools can't compare. I find the staff to be experience, supportive, patient, professional and most of all fun. Being new to the area 6 years ago, enrolling at Creative Play was a wonderful way to meet friends for the entire family and be a part of a supportive community. CPC was a gift we gave to our kids as they started their journey in school and in life."

-Ann, Pleasant Hill (9/2012)

"We have been a part of the Creative Play Center family for the past 6 years, it has been the best parenting decision we made.  We signed up wanting a wonderful caring place for our children to grow, not only did we get that but also an entire community of amazing friends, teachers and support."

Megan, Pleasant Hill (1/2012)

"We have been at CPC for over three years and have enjoyed every minute of it. I am so happy to be part of the CPC family. It is chance to spend more time with your child, make great friendships and participate in a wonderful preschool environment."

Telzey, Pleasant Hill (1/2011)

"I have a fair amount of co-op preschool experience. my older son went to one in sf for 3 years and we were so happy there. we since moved to walnut creek and found what i thought was a great little co-op in our new town. it ended up not being a pleasant situation. it was just not a good fit so..... my older son's 1st grade teacher recommended looking into creative play center. it was more our style. ms. kris is so good with communicating with the kids and parents. today ms. kris told me she was low on patience and i was so impressed how she handled it. i would have never guessed. i wish i could handle my low patience they way she did. she remained gentle, kind and calm the entire time. the parents are so friendly and helpful. my daughter loves it and i am comfortable there. whenever it was my work day working at my son's school or my daughter's previous school, the time dragged on and on and i would be wiped out at the end of the day. today was my first work day at CPC and i had so much fun. the day flew by and i was on cloud 9. my daughter felt secure enough to be on her own. at her old school she clinged to me and didn't want to be left alone. she cried when it was not my work day. my daughter has never been a crier. that definitely told me something was not right. our whole family is so happy to have found CPC.

-Heather, Kapolei, HI (1/2011)


Three of my 4 children have attended this school. All that this school has to offer is truly amazing. The backyard is like no other!! Truly the best. This school has a play based curriculum and offers developmentally activities to enhance the brain development of the children. I haven't met anyone who has visited this school who doesn't want their child to attend. 
In addition to all the school offers, the parents get just as much out of it as the children. There is parent ed available. There is a chance to make new friends and build your support system as a parent! 
I truly encourage a visit to the school if you are a parent of a child entering preschool or who has a preschool aged child now. CPC also has a fabulous Development Kindergarten program for the child who is age appropriate to enter Kindergarten but just needs some extra time to grow."

-Renee, Concord (11/2009)

"This is our third year at the school.  As the other reviewer mentions, it's a co-op, so there is a greater time commitment than at drop-off preschools, but what you get back is so much more than what you put into it.  We have a very close, tightly-knit group of parents.  I have no doubt, as others have experienced in a co-op community, that many of these families will be our life-long friends.  We are always there for one another, which can be a huge bonus to those of us who don't have family in the area.
The teachers are rock-solid in their knowledge of early childhood development.  I have called on each of them for different reasons over the years and have been thoroughly impressed with the depth and breadth of their knowledge.  Being a co-op, not only does the school give you the opportunity to be actively involved in your young child's education, but there is also a strong parent education component that many have found to be a life-line in the occasionally difficult task of raising little people.  If you're even possibly considering a co-op preschool, you should check this one out!  Call their Membership Line at (925) 974-6820 for more information!"

-Kristin, Pleasant Hill (2/2009)

"My daughter is about to start her third year at CPC, and we love it. It's a co-op preschool, which means there's a time commitment, but it also means there's a really tight community of parents. The families in our preschool class have become some of our closest friends over the last couple of years. They also offer a 'developmental kindergarten,' which is really a third year of preschool that's sort of a bridge to kindergarten, getting kids ready for the culture shift by instituting some more structure in their day."

-Christopher, San Francisco (9/2008)

"To our family, CPC means friendships, play, art, independence, love and education.  We are so thrilled to be a part of this school."

- Denise, Concord

“It's a co-op preschool, which means there's a time commitment, but it also means there's a really tight community of parents.”

-Christopher, San Francisco

"I had the honor and privilege of being at Creative Play Center for 6 years in a row with two different children. Honestly, my experience at CPC is something that will ALWAYS stand out fondly in my life. I met friends who I will have for a lifetime, saw moments while co-oping that will stay in my mind forever, and met children who left an imprint in my heart. Being involved with a school like CPC is such a unique and wonderful experience that it’s actually difficult to put such experience into words. I think the thing that stands out the most to me about CPC is that I learned how much one can love not only her own child, but the children of others as well. Spending time with children, getting to know them, and watching them blossom as they go from age 2 through 5 is absolutely precious and priceless. I am proud of the decision I made of choosing CPC for me and my children, as the fantastic memories will affect all of us forever."

- Cynthia, Lafayette

"I attended CPC as a preschooler and have many wonderful memories of that time. When it came time to select my son's preschool, CPC was a natural choice. On my first day co-oping I was excited to find that they still sing the same birthday song I remembered after all these years! I still see what my parents saw in CPC and love being able to spend time in the classroom with my son and his preschool friends. I know that they are not only exploring, learning and playing but that they are building memories that will last their lifetime too."

- Sally, Martinez


"We could not have picked a better Preschool for our son.  I visited several preschools, but the first time I toured Creative Play Center, I thought to myself, "If I were a kid, this is exactly where I would want to go. It seemed to be a fun, creative and safe environment. And, it turned out to be that, and so much more. Not only has my son learned socially and academically, but I have learned how to be a better parent. I’m thankful that I had the chance to participate in my son’s school, to watch him grow and learn."

- Jeanne, Martinez

"Thank you to Creative Play Center (CPC), teacher Ms. Cory, and the Pre-K co-oping parents of 2017-2018.  At the orientation meeting for the co-opers, I shared that my daughter would shy away from other children, to the point that at the park she would not climb up to the slides if other kids were near.  Two kind co-oping mothers told me they made it a point to look out for her.   As it turns out, the teacher and the co-opers made our girl so comfortable that she loved her school from the start and didn't need that much help.  On day one, I returned to school to see if she was still okay.  She just looked up and said excitedly, "That's my daddy." There is a great advantage with co-op schools, that co-opers parent the other kids, as well as their kids.     

-Danny, Walnut Creek


"Having no family in the Bay Area, I really enjoyed the connections and relationships that I made at CPC.  My CPC friends are my Bay Area family whom I turn to for support and friendship."

- Chelsea, Pleasant Hill


 "I am now at CPC with my third child and I love it just as much as when we started in 2005.  The community is amazing and I know my children are all well cared for by loving teachers and parents who are there everyday.  As a co-oper, there is nothing better than watching a child have that “ah ha” moment.  I have become a better parent because of CPC and that has been a bonus for our whole family.  I can’t think of a better place to send a child for their first school experience."

- Kate, Martinez

"Creative Play Center has been the perfect preschool for our kids! Their pre-academic programs are developmentally appropriate for children ages 3-5 years. The wonderful teachers are very knowledgeable, nurturing, and obviously enjoy their work. Every inch of the facility is thoughtfully planned out to encourage children to explore, learn, and have fun while making new friends. I would highly recommend CPC to anyone who is considering a co-op for their child. My husband and I are so grateful to have had the opportunity to co-op with our children at has been a gift for our entire family."

- Karen, Alamo

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