Sample Day: Schedule

AM Preschool

8:30 AM:  

Co-oping parents and Emergency Parent arrive, sign-in, select work area, select game/story for snack time, prepare station, and talk with teacher.

8:45 AM:

Children arrive, sign in and are greeted by teacher. All areas are open for play.

9:10 AM
1st Circle Time: Sing greeting song; children introduce their co-opers and their activity; sharing: Surprise Can, class mascot, scissors suitcase, and birthdays are recognized.

9:25 AM
Activity Time: Children are engaged in planned activities and spontaneous play the environment provides.

9:45 AM
Snack Time: Co-oper will lead 3-5 children in a game or will read a story while they share a provided snack.

10:00 AM
Activity Time: Children participate in planned activity stations lead by co-opers or free play.

10:45 AM
Clean-up Time: Children and co-opers clean-up areas together.

11:00 AM
2nd Circle Time: stories, music, fingerplays, songs, readers theatre, dance, movement, and fun! Surprise Can, class >mascot, and scissor suitcase are handed out for the next class. Good-bye song.

11:15 AM
Dismissal: Kids are signed out by designated adult and depart.

11:20 AM
Talk Over: Snack parent supervises kids of co-oping parents, while co-oping parents discuss the day’s events.

11:35 AM
All co-opers sign out their children and depart.

AM Junior Kindergarten

8:15 AM
Co-oping parents arrive, select learning center area, and ask teacher any questions about co-oping resonsibilities.

8:30 AM
First Circle Time/Stations: Children arrive and are greeted by teacher. Quick briefing at circle area for children to know the activities for the day. All children visit each station.

9:15 AM
Transitional Circle Time: Class mascot's story read.

9:30 AM
Outside/Inside Time: Free play allowed in all areas.

10:00 AM
Snack Time: Children wash hands to go eat at outside tables. Conversation and sharing are encouraged during snack time.

10:15 AM
Children clean up their snack and stow their lunch box.

10:15 AM
Inside/Outside Free Play

10:40 AM
Clean Up Time: Kids and co-opers clean up together.

10:45 AM
Final Circle Time: Sharing from co-oping kids, music, reader's theatre, gross motor activities, and birthday celebrations.

11:30 AM
Kids are picked up and signed out by designated adult.

11:35 AM
Talk-over. Co-opers discuss any issues during the day.

11:50 AM
All co-opers sign out their children and depart.


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